International Max Planck Research School for Maritime Affairs

International Max Planck Research School for Maritime Affairs

Universität Hamburg
Our Alumni

Albers, Jan
Research project: Liability in the Context of Transboundary Movements of Hazardous Wastes by Sea: The 1999 Protocol to the Basel Convention

Altfuldisch, Rainer (Germany)
Research project: Liability and compensation after tanker accidents at sea Anweiler

Anne-Kristin (Germany)
Research project: Laboratory experiments on turbulence mediated air-sea exchange processes

Anyanova, Ekaterina (Russia)
Research project: Legal Aspects of the Regime of Maritime Security in International, EU and National Law

Becker-Weinberg, Vasco (Portugal)
Research project: Joint development of Hydrocarbon Deposits in the Law of the Sea

Bleyen, Lief (Germany)
Research project: Comparative study on the judicial sale of ships

Chacón, Victor Hugo (Panama)
Research project: The Due Diligence in Maritime Transportation in the Technological Era

Chen, Chen-Ju (Taiwan)
Research project: Fishery Subsidies under International Law

Damar, Duygu (Germany)
Research project: Wilful Misconduct in International Transport Law

Egler, Philipp (Germany)
Research project: Maritime Disputes under the Brussels I Regulation

Engels, Urs (Germany)
Research project: The Compliance Regime of the IMO Convention on Safe and Environmentally Sound Recycling of Ships

Gadow-Stephani, Inken von (Germany)
Research project: Places of Refuge for Ships in Distress

Gahlen Sarah Fiona (Germany)
Research project: Maritime Casualties – Responsibility and Liability

Genova, Nikolinka (Bulgaria)
Research project: Climate Change and Pesticide Use: An Integrated Economic Analysis

Guggisberg, Solène (Switzerland)
Research project: The Use of CITES for Commercially-exploited Fish Species: A Solution to Overexploitation and Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated Fishing?

Gunasekera, Malika (Sri Lanka)
Research project: Civil Liability for Bunker Oil Pollution Damage

Güner, Meltem (Turkey)
Research project: The Carriage of dangerous Goods by Sea

Huang, Yuna (P.R. China)
Research project: Recoverability of Pure Economic Loss Arising from Ship-Source Oil Pollution

Ilyina, Tatjana (Russia)
Research project: The Fate of persistent toxic Substances in the North Sea

Kachel, Markus
Research project: Particularly Sensitive Sea Areas (PSSAs) - IMO's role in protecting vulnerable marine ecosystems

Kvinikhidze, Shalva (Georgia)
Research project: The Concept of exclusive Fishery Zone

Lagoni, Nicolai (Germany)
Research project: Liability of Classification Societies

Liebich, Viola (Germany)
Research project: Invasive species with special focus on species adaptability

Liu, Hongyan (P.R. China)
Research project: Liner Conferences in Competition Law: A Comparative Analysis of European and Chinese Law 

Ludewig, Elke (Germany)
Research project: Influence of wind farms on the atmosphere and oceanic circulation

Mai, Carolin (Germany)
Research project: Atmospheric Deposition of Organic Contaminants to the North Sea

Marten, Bevan (New Zealand)
Research project: Port State Jurisdiction

Mechel, Friederike (Germany)
Research project: The Integration of environmental Aspects into Public Procurement Law and Policy - Aspects of International, European and National law

Mudric, Miso (Croatia)
Research project: The Professional Salvor's Liability in the Law of Negligence and the Doctrine of Affirmative Damages

Momeni Farahani, Mojgan (Iran)
Research project: Impacts of sanctions on maritime industry with a particular focus on marine insurance

Müller, Jana (Germany)
Research project: An Integrated Approach for Evaluating the Impact of Land Use Change on Marine Ecosystems

Müller, Malte (Germany)
Research project: The oceanic free Oscillation Behaviour - considering the Ocean - solid Earth Interaction

Neumann, Thilo (Germany)
Research project: Maritime Claims in the Arctic - The Norwegian Perspective

Nikolakaki, Garyfalia (Greece)
Research project: Prevention and control of marine pollution from offshore installations: International and European legal challenges

Oehmke, Christiane (Germany)
Research project: The Use of Private Security Companies to Combat Piracy

Olbrich, Roland (Germany)
Research project: Environmental Risk and Sustainability

Parameswaran, Benjamin (Germany)
Research project: The Liberalization of Maritime Transport Services - with special Reference to the WTO/GATS Framework

Patnaik, Vaneeta (India)
Research project: Upstream Energy Insurance: Proposal for a Single Liability Cover

Rah, Sicco (Germany)
Research project: Refugees at Sea

Röckmann, Christine (Germany)
Research project: Sudtainable management of the eastern Baltic cod fishery

Rösel, Anja (Germany)
Research project: Detection of melt ponds on the Arctic sea ice with optical satellite data

Ruiz Abou-Nigm, Veronika (Uruguay)
Research project: The Arrest of Ships in Private International Law more

Salomon, Tim René (Germany)
Research project: Effective Criminal Prosecution of Suspected Pirates

Schilling, Johannes (Germany)
Research project: International contracts of carriage between uniform law and the Rome I-Regulation

Sesabo, Jennifer (Tanzania)
Research project: Coastal Resources Utilization, Management Options and Households's Welfare in Tanzania

Sos del Diego, Ruth (Spain)
Research project: The impact of sugarcane plantations on coastal waters in Brazil

Sparka, Felix (Germany)
Research project: Jurisdiction and Arbitration Clauses in Maritime Transport Documents - A Comparative Analysis

Stemmler, Irene (Germany)
Research project: Modelling the fate of anthropogenic organohalogen pollutants in the marine environment

Stumm, Carolin (Germany)
Research project: Der Ablader im Seehandelsrecht: Eine rechtsvergleichende Darstellung des deutschen und des amerikanischen Rechts

Suarez, Suzette (Philippines)
Research project: The Outer Limits of the Continental Shelf: Legal Aspects of their Establishment

tho Pesch, Sebastian (Germany)
Research project: The relevance of shipping in maritime spatial planning (MSP)

Trümper, Niklas (Germany)
Research project: Ship Sale and Purchase

Vatakhah, Sarah (Germany)
Research project: Towards a future European Maritime Administration?

Wallrabenstein, Tilo (Germany)
Research project: Seaports Law: Modernization and Privatization of Seaport Administrations

Wang, Runyu (P.R. China)
Research project: International law on Antarctic Mineral Resource Exploitation

Weidemann, Lilly (Germany)
Research project: International environmental governance of the marine Arctic

Wendel, Philipp (Germany)
Research project: State Responsibility for Interferences with Navigation on the High Seas

Weseloh, Annika (Germany)
Research project: Modeling fishlarvae dynamics (Fam. Clupeidae) in an upwelling area off the Vietnamese Coast in the South China Sea

Wiedenbach, Lina (Sweden)
Research project: Carrier´s Liability for Deck Cargo

Yang, Haijiang (P.R. China)
Research project: Jurisdiction of the Coastal State over Foreign Merchant Ships in Internal Waters and the Territorial Sea

Yoon, Young-Kyung (Korea)
Research project: Collective Compliance Mechanisms in International Marine Environmental Law (IMEL)

Zboralska, Grazyna (Poland)
Research project: Civil Liability for marine Pollution on the Example of the Baltic Sea (according to the German and Polish law)

Zhu, Ling (P.R. China)
Research project: Compulsory Insurance and Compensation for Bunker Oil Pollution Damage (Completed and Published)

Ziehm, Sonja (Germany)
Research project: Exploring the dynamics of marine phytoplankton with a functional group model